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Maggie Caraway
Communications Associate, Content Creator
Business News


Maggie Caraway is the Communications Associate and Lead Writer for StreetWise IR. Maggie graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Sociology. With a passion for reading, writing and meeting new people, she interned at an Auburn newspaper publication curating content and forming relationships with the community. 


Maggie grew up in Spanish Fort, Alabama located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Her favorite part of living in the area is the incredible sunsets and being able to call such a beautiful place home. Outside of the office, she enjoys running, biking and being outdoors. 


“My favorite part of working for StreetWise IR is getting to work with an incredible team while doing what I love – bringing you the most important industry updates that impact today’s market and investor’s outlook!” 

Image of Maggie Caraway, StreetWise Communications Associate.