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About Us

Building A Team For The Clients We Serve

StreetWise IR was founded by a team of seasoned investor relations pros that have years of experience and a track record of helping entrepreneurs take their companies from startup to stardom.

We have been cultivating a micro-cap investor database since 2005 through industry partnerships, resulting in a large audience that is interested in new investment opportunities. Our experience in digital marketing across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter gives you a competitive advantage to ensure that we can get you in front of the right potential investors with the most cost-effective approach. Getting investors to your website is one of our specialties – along with shaping your messaging to drive business success.

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The StreetWise team is well known in the investor relations community, and we leverage our affiliate network relationships in the micro-cap sphere to engage the investor community to build awareness and drive activity for your company. This approach allows us to buy targeted data from our industry counterparts, Fortune 500, and political databases to further reach the right investors that are eager to make money and to hear your story.

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Experienced and Proven

Our team has the experience and the passion – we think outside the box and leverage the AI and machine learning resources of Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn as part of digital campaigns. Why does this matter? If you don’t think outside the box and you use the same lists, and the same approach that every other firm is using, your story is not heard. That’s why we’re StreetWise.

One of the best benefits of working with StreetWise IR is that we have developed and nurtured relationships with countless stockbrokers that want to hear our client’s stories. Let us help tell your story, and connect with one of our team members for personalized service.


Our team will respect your expertise as a senior leader, and we will complement your skills with ours and treat you as a partner. We will define goals and strategies to meet your expectations. We will stay true to our goals to help you succeed by generating investor awareness, interest, and activity in the market.

Meet the StreetWise IR Team

Jim Painter - Founder

James Painter

President & Founder

The StreetWise IR team is led by James Painter, a proven pioneer in today’s competitive investor relations marketplace.  James has worked with clients worldwide for more than twenty years and has experience that spans start-up to NASDAQ.

  • Founded StreetWise IR in 2022
  • Attended Florida State University
  • Chairman of The Pink Butterfly Foundation
  • Board member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Previous board member of Leesburg Regional Medical Center Foundation
  • Formerly with JSP Holdings at the start of his career

“What you get from StreetWise IR is a seasoned team that connects your company to the financial community – and we do it in a cost-effective manner. We have relationships all over the world with every type of player in the investments business and have represented more than 100 companies. StreetWise IR leverages our experience to get client companies in front of the right partners, right when they need it.” — James Painter

Photo of Maggie

Executive Assistant, Communications Associate

Maggie Caraway

Maggie Caraway is the Communications Associate and Lead Writer for StreetWise IR. Maggie graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Sociology. With a passion for reading, writing and meeting new people, she interned at an Auburn newspaper publication curating content and forming relationships with the community. 


Maggie grew up in Spanish Fort, Alabama located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Her favorite part of living in the area is the incredible sunsets and being able to call such a beautiful place home. Outside of the office, she enjoys running, biking and being outdoors. 


“My favorite part of working for StreetWise IR is getting to work with an incredible team while doing what I love – bringing you the most important industry updates that impact today’s market and investor’s outlook!”