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What We Do

StreetWise IR provides clients with hard-hitting digital marketing resources that get you in front of the right investors when you need to level up to that next step in the small-cap market. We use proven digital strategies and industrial-strength tools to reach, measure and optimize your potential for growing your investor base.

Marketing Strategy & Communication Tactics

The collective goal of the StreetWise team is to generate meaningful exposure for the company, liquidity for investors, and recognition of the successful implementation of the business plan in the market.

Streetwise Tool Box

  • Digital marketing


  • Email marketing


  • Digital ads/PPC marketing


  • Social media marketing


  • Website design/optimization


  • Investor relations consulting


  • PR and media relations
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Find What Fits Your Needs

Digital Marketing 

Keeping client companies in front of potential investors is a critical step to generating awareness, interest, and desire to convert them into actual investors. The StreetWise IR team leverages a comprehensive set of tools and tactics to deliver results.

Email Marketing

With millions of potential investors in our database and new ones added daily, StreetWise IR can target and reach the right investors for our clients.

Digital Advertising

Targeting and delivering the right digital ads that inform and attract investors is a core strength that StreetWise IR uses to build value for clients using today’s hottest platforms.

Social Media Marketing

By combining social media ads with engaging content posts, StreetWise IR builds awareness and drives investors to content pages that inform and encourage them to become active investors.

Web Development 

Without a website that informs and engages potential investors, small-cap companies struggle to be heard in today’s noisy market. StreetWise IR can help, and we have the experience to deliver a site that drives results.

Content Development

You and your team are experts in your field. Translating your services or product benefits to potential investors can be a challenge. StreetWise IR offers content development services that bring your products or services to life.


Knowing how to use analytics as part of a digital strategy is a key part of maximizing ROI and reaching investors. StreetWise IR can accurately target and deliver engaging content by analyzing data to shape campaigns that work.

Consulting, Media and Public Relations


The StreetWise IR team will provide consulting and guidance related to trading on the micro-cap market and general business consulting, which will be available to assist clients to maximize marketability and investor interest.

Serving clients in the U.S. internationally

StreetWise IR invests time, talent, and resources in developing and maintaining targeted lists of investors that extend beyond the United States. We can do strategically targeted email campaigns to high-net-worth individuals in Canada and Europe with a focus on Switzerland and Germany.

Media/Public Relations

Our experienced team of investor relations professionals can guide and assist in creating press releases and other editorial resources that are needed to maximize awareness for clients. StreetWise IR would draw on information provided by the client, then shape the information into a compelling, highly informative resource that can be effectively used with media, investors, and industry partners.

Industry Analyst

StreetWise IR has developed a network of industry experts that can get you and your company in front of the right people, right when you need it.