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Strengthening market value in your company is what we're all about.

StreetWise IR specializes in marketing micro and small-cap companies to qualified investors which results in increased market exposure. StreetWise IR is a budget-minded company that delivers the same performance, quality, and ROI as larger IR organizations.

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Proven Performance

Anyone can say they know how to develop marketing strategies and digital campaigns, but there’s a difference when our team can tell you exactly how each tool in our toolbox can be used to attract investors. We live marketing and digital campaigns every day. We use the tools, our skills and most importantly – our experience to deliver marketing programs that work.

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Industry Experience

Whether you are just starting off or planning to uplist to a senior exchange, our team averages 20+ years of experience and we can help you in numerous market segments such as:

  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical/Biotech
  • Mining/Exploration
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technology/AI

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StreetWise IR provides a wide range of marketing and digital communications services for companies that want to elevate their position and value in the marketplace. Get details and let’s get connected right away.

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For more than 20 years, the investor relations team at StreetWise IR has been on the leading edge of small-cap stock investments. Get connected and receive insightful e-newsletters and text alerts.

Our Committment

“If you want to work with a team that is committed to being 100% client-focused, we’re your team. We have relationships all over the world and have represented more than 100 companies. Our team is dedicated to use our experience to get your company in front of the right investors, right when you need it.”

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Testimonial from Byrd Law Group

"As a 30+ year corporate and securities attorney and public markets participant, I have had the pleasure to work with Jim Painter and EMC for over 15 years. We have worked together on numerous public and private company projects and I have always found the quality of his work, along with his business ethics to be second to none. Jim always goes above and beyond on behalf of his clients and I have the highest regard for his capabilities and integrity."
Mr. James Byrd, Esq.

Client Spotlight

VERSES AI is a cognitive computing company specializing in next generation AI and developer of KOSM™, the world’s first network operating system for enabling distributed intelligence.

VERSES AI is unique in the market because they are building and implementing solutions that improve operational efficiencies and add measurable convenience for consumers, retailers and warehouse operations.

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