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Kraft Mac & Cheese Debuts First-Ever Vegan Alternative

Kraft Mac & Cheese Debuts First-Ever Vegan Alternative

“Kraft NotMac&Cheese,” Kraft’s first-ever plant-based alternative, will hit grocery store shelves in two flavors very soon.


“Kraft NotMac&Cheese” is the product of a partnership with NotCo., a company that creates plant-based foods. This partnership comes at a time of growth for plant-based product popularity. According to research firm NIQ, plant-based product sales surged 19% last year to $11 billion. 


NIQ, however, pointed out the risk for Kraft as it embarks on its plant-based journey. Consumers who have tried a dairy-free alternative and found it unpleasant, are likely to avoid other brands. “Those who tried animal product alternatives once or twice but did not continue said taste was the biggest reason. This was highest for the dairy milk alternatives,” Sherry Frey, vice president of Total Wellness at NIQ told CNN. 


Consumers’ curiosity surrounding Kraft’s new vegan alternative is expected to produce growth for the category. The vegan cheese sauce is made up of fava bean protein and coconut oil powder. The dairy-free ingredients create a “similar taste, look and feel to dairy-based mac and cheese,” the company told CNN.

Image courtesy: Kraft Heinz Company
Maggie Caraway