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Several Airlines Suspend Flights to Israel 

Several Airlines Suspend Flights to Israel 

Surprise attacks by Hamas on Israel and Israeli retaliation has left thousands dead and injured. This has led several airlines to suspend service.


In a statement to CNN, American Airlines stated it was suspending flights in and out of Israel until Friday as the airline “closely monitors the situation on the ground.”


President of the Allied Pilots Association, Ed Sicher, said that due to the fact that Israel has declared war, “it is not prudent or appropriate to knowingly put our flight crews and passengers in harm’s way by maintaining flights into a war zone.” He advised pilots to refuse any assignment into Israel.


Delta Airlines as well as some International Airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, Ryanair, Air India and more, have suspended flights for now while monitoring dynamic security conditions.


Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport is right outside Tel Aviv. According to CNN, constant booms of rocket fire can be heard from the airport.

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