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Steph Curry, Billionaire.

Steph Curry, Billionaire.

Steph Curry is reportedly set to achieve a new level of wealth.



In an interview with Rolling Stone, Curry revealed he is closing in on a deal $1 billion lifetime contract with Under Armour. Currently earning around $20 million annually from his deal with Under Armour, Curry continues to make moves within the company.



However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing between Curry and Under Amour. Founder Kevin Plank and Steph Curry have made headlines multiple times for their differing views on what it takes to run a business and politics.



Plank’s support of former President Donald Trump clashed with Curry’s to the point of, reportedly, considering leaving the company for other competition. Stating there was a “lack of understanding” between the two parties.



Clearly, the two have made amends and anticipate a lifetime of collaboration together. 



The contract will include Curry receiving his own subsidiary brand similar to Nike’s deal with NBA superstar Michael Jordan. reported, “Curry’s partnership with the brand will consist of an increased focus and “complete alignment” on helping bolster the superstar’s branding within the world of athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories.”


With $1 billion on the line, it seems like Steph Curry is willing to forgive and forget.

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