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Samsung Introduces New Galaxy S23 Line With Improved Camera

Samsung Introduces New Galaxy S23 Line With Improved Camera

Samsung introduced its new Galaxy S23 smartphone line on Wednesday. The new models feature an improved camera, enhanced gaming quality and will reportedly be going “head-to-head” with Apple’s iPhone 14 model, according to CNBC.


The Galaxy S23 line will include 3 new models: the S23 ($799), the S23+($1,000), and the S23 Ultra ($1,200). All three of these models are available for pre-order now and will show up in stores on Feb. 17. The models come in four color options: green, lavender, cream and phantom black.


The style of the new models is similar to the Galaxy S22, however, Samsung opted to remove the blocky housing around the camera lenses. The camera itself also received an upgrade. The Galaxy S23 Ultra features “the highest camera resolution on a phone” (200MP), according to Samsung’s website. Additionally, all three models feature a “night mode” that lets users “capture brilliant selfies no matter the lighting.


Samsung also enhanced gaming quality, claiming users will be able to play for longer periods of time thanks to a longer battery life.

Image of Samsung S23 line of smartphones.
Image courtesy: Samsung
Maggie Caraway