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Petco Teams Up with Adobe Experience Cloud to Create More Customized Experience

Petco Teams Up with Adobe Experience Cloud to Create More Customized Experience

Petco is teaming up with Adobe Experience Cloud and enhancing its customer experience with customization.


“Enterprise applications running on Adobe Experience Platform (AEP), including Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer, will enable Petco to activate data internally and orchestrate personalized experiences across a mix of online and offline channels,” CNBC reported. These programs will also help Petco understand exactly what its customers need, enhancing their overall experience.


Additionally, according to Forbes, Adobe’s technology “enables brands to automatically rank offers for a given audience type, based on their relevance.”


Adobe’s Chief Revenue Officer, Stephen Frieder, said “Petco has made great progress with their customer experience strategy, delivering a comprehensive set of products and services that customers can access on their own terms.” He added, “As the company works to accelerate growth and deepen customer relationships, only Adobe can provide an integrated set of Adobe Experience Cloud applications that personalizes experiences at scale and in real time.”


Frieder could also be referring to the changes Petco has recently made to its Vital Care membership program. The company is offering a new free tier that allows customs to rack up reward points for every purchase as well as provides personalized care notifications.

Image of Petco storefront.
Image courtesy: ajay_suresh
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