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Nokia Redesigns Logo as Part of Company Rebrand

Nokia Redesigns Logo as Part of Company Rebrand

Nokia revealed plans on Sunday that involve a change to its iconic logo as the company focuses on a rebranding.  Nokia wants to move away from being known as a cell phone brand, as nowadays it is a “business technology company,” according to Chief Executive Pekka Lundmark.


Fox Business reported Lundmark’s strategy of rebranding has three parts: reset, accelerate and scale. Now that the reset stage has been completed, he said, the acceleration stage can begin.


Nokia has reportedly been struggling to change its reputation as a phone company as it focuses more on mobile and cloud networking technologies. According to CNN, “Nokia now makes much of its revenue on business-to-business sales, with plans to expand its footprint in the enterprise market.”


The new Nokia Logo, differing from the original blue color, features five different shapes and a range of colors spelling out the word “NOKIA.”


“We built on the heritage of the previous logo, but made it feel more contemporary and digital, to reflect our current identity,” Lundmark stated in a press release on Sunday.

Image of new Nokia logo.
New Nokia logo.
Maggie Caraway