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National Enquirer Tabloid Has Been Sold

National Enquirer Tabloid Has Been Sold

On Monday, news broke that the 97-year-old tabloid, National Enquirer, would be sold to a joint venture after seeking a buyer for years.


The Enquirer’s parent company, A360 Media, offloaded the tabloid along with other brands the National Examiner, the Globe and the National Enquirer UK to VVIP Ventures, a joint venture made up of Vinco Ventures and Icon Publishing for an undisclosed price.


The National Enquirer has been at the center of countless celebrity and political scandals and is known for its shocking and dark reports of the rich and famous at their most vulnerable.


Even though the publication has reportedly fallen from its peak, according to CNN, the newspaper has had some “notable scoops” over time. “In 1996, the Enquirer published a photograph of O.J. Simpson wearing the kind of Bruno Magli shoes which were apparently worn by the killer of his ex-wife and her friend. In 2007, the Enquirer revealed that John Edwards, then a candidate for president, had fathered a child with a campaign worker.”


The new owners of the Enquirer plan to expand into TV, film and podcasts, and expand the company’s digital ad network as the publication is currently most profitable from its print and subscription sales, CNN reported.

Image of cover of National Enquirer magazine.
Image courtesy: Rusty Clark
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