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Coca-Cola Introduces New Limited-Edition Flavor, Collabs with Rosalía

Coca-Cola Introduces New Limited-Edition Flavor, Collabs with Rosalía

Coca-Cola is introducing a new limited-edition flavor as part of its collaboration with Grammy-award winning singer Rosalía. The flavor is called Coca-Cola Move and the company has not yet revealed what the drink actually tastes like.


According to CNN, Move does not have a traditional flavor. “Instead, the beverage is supposed to represent a mood or idea — in this case, transformation.”


Cocoa-Cola’s limited edition flavors like Starlight, Byte, Dreamworld and now Move, are a way to keep things interesting and also keep people talking about the company’s core product, coke. Coca-Cola CEO, James Quincey, said, “They’re not designed to be variants that will last forever, but they’re more engaging and more interesting, demonstrably, than a flavor, a Coke with vanilla or something.”


Also, Coca-Cola’s partnership with Rosalía will bring in traction from her fans. She will also be releasing a new single and video to go along with the release of the drink.


The Move bottles feature a QR code “which directs people to behind-the-scenes content, a playlist and a personality quiz that helps create a 3D avatar, among other things,” per CNN.

Image of singer Rosalia with can of new Coca-Cola flavor - Move.
Image courtesy: The Coca-Cola Company
Maggie Caraway