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American Airlines Gets Huge Fine for Tarmac Delays

American Airlines Gets Huge Fine for Tarmac Delays

American Airlines got hit with the largest-ever fine for keeping passengers onboard during delays lasting for hours. 


In a statement from the Department of Transportation, it was revealed that American Airlines was issued a $4.1 million fine for the tarmac delays of 43 flights that impacted more than 5,800 passengers. The flights occurred over the course of three years, starting in 2018.


According to CNN, “Federal rules set the maximum time that passengers can be held without the opportunity to get off prior to takeoff or after landing, at three hours for domestic flights and four hours for international flights. Current rules also require airlines provide passengers water and a snack.” 


The longest delay American Airlines passengers experienced was six hours and three minutes in August 2020. The airline was reportedly dealing with severe weather, but also “lacked sufficient resources to appropriately handle several of these flights once they landed,” according to the Department of Transportation.

American Airlines told CNN that the company has invested in technology to deal with severe weather and cause less congestion at airports.

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