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AMC Theatres Makes Changes to Ticket Prices Based on Seat Location

AMC Theatres Makes Changes to Ticket Prices Based on Seat Location

AMC Theatres announced on Monday that its ticket prices will now depend on where patrons choose to sit in the auditorium.


According to a press release put out by the company, the new method of pricing is called “Sightline at AMC” and provides moviegoers with ticket prices based on their seat’s sightline.


Sightline at AMC will include three sections with seats in Value Sightline, Standard Sightline and Preferred Sightline. According to AMC, “Standard Sightline seats are the most common in auditoriums and are available for the traditional cost of a ticket; Value Sightline seats are primarily in the front row of the auditorium and are available at a lower price than Standard Sightline seats; Preferred Sightline seats are typically in the middle of the auditorium and cost slightly more than Standard Sightline seats.”


Eliot Hamlisch, AMC’s chief marketing officer, stated in a press release, “Sightline at AMC more closely aligns AMC’s seat pricing approach to that of many other entertainment venues, offering experience-based pricing and another way for moviegoers to find value at the movies.”


Sightline at AMC is applied to all movies that begin after 4 p.m. and is not available on “Discount Tuesday,” according to the company.


Members of AMC’s Stubs A-List reward program can select Preferred Sightline seats at no extra cost.

Image of AMC Theatres exterior signage.
Image courtesy: camknows
Maggie Caraway